Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Oliver + S After School Shirt

I recently took advantage of the 25% off at Oliver + S and splurged on two new patterns for my girl. I had been itching to buy the Ice Cream Dress pattern for ages so that was a must. There are so many lovely variations of it on Flickr and the top version is equally cute. But first up on my sewing list was this After School Shirt and Trousers. No fabric to make the trousers yet, but I had this gorgeous floral print left over from the deconstruction of one of my maternity tops (why I was hanging onto it I'll never know. MUST. CLEAR. OUT. WARDBROBE!)

These trousers are from John Lewis and she has worn these so much over the past year. They are very easy to match up with almost everything in her wardrobe. I must make an effort to always have some grey/light purple trousers in the right size!

I always try to make up a pattern true to the instructions/measurements the first time I attempt it and I did so with this one. I think it runs a little short on length for Boo. She would need at least 1" if not a bit more adding on next time.

This is why she kept lifting it up for the photoshoot!

And she never fails to try grab the camera for a quick shot of mummy. She is a better photographer than me.....


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