Friday, 7 September 2012

Hula Hoop Skirt

I will admit to buying this pattern almost as soon as it came out. With two daughters there is always the need for a skirt that twirls and swishes.

I couldn't make up my mind what fabric to choose and in the end I decided that I had taken too much time and still not bought anything specifically for it so used some coordinating blues from my stash.

While the weather is still warm enough for a skirt I needed something that would go with Boo's summer shoes (which are a lovely royal blue pair of crocs that she has only taken off to go to sleep)

This pattern is from Oliver + S and is part of their singles collection along with the Firefly Jacket (also purchased and as yet unmade).

The pattern is basically two pattern pieces and couldn't be simpler to put together. I advise procuring a knitting needle or other long pointy thing to get all those lovely creases and corners perfect. I ran the point of the knitting needle around the flounce seam quickly chased by the iron to ensure the seams were nice and crisp.

Talking of the flounce, my husband, whether he likes it or not, is told a lot of sewing information as I work my way through patterns. Although he has never used a sewing machine, he could probably talk you through how to construct something. Poor man. He is a sewing widow. Anyway, as I was making this skirt last night he was sat behind me on the PC and looked up startled as I muttered something about 'must remember to flip my flounce'. Understandably, he was confused. Flounce doesn't tend to crop up in everyday conversation.

I completed this pattern in about 3 hours total, I did all but the yoke attachment the night before and finished the rest while Boo was at school. So here it is modelled....

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