Thursday, 18 October 2012

A new hat for winter

This is my first attempt at knitting for about 4 years so I profess it is less than perfect.

Knitting, for me, is not quite as memorable as riding a bike. I completely forgot how to cast on! I had to watch a clip on You Tube, haha! Once that was sorted I got off to a shaky start. Can you see the regular holes around the ribbing? They are not meant to be there. I worked into the wrong side of the loop and so created a hole doing the m1 stitch (make 1). It does irk me but I am living with it for now. I just wanted to have a refresher.

I made this hat for her when she was a toddler and loved it then. The pattern is Sirdar 1711 and I have made the beret.

I will have another go at making another one once I find some purple-pink wool as that is what has been requested by madam!

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  1. A very sweet result for a refresher, Katy! Hope you find the right colour wool soon


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