Monday, 8 October 2012

KCWC Fall 2012 Day 1: Heidi & Finn Pleat Bottom Pants

I decided to kick off the first day of KCWC with a pattern I have used before. Not for lack of imagination I might add, it is just that I had a dilemma. I have bought a few pdf patterns recently and have been saving them up but discovered too late that my printer was virtually out of ink. Damn! So I got started on the Pleat Bottom Pants from Heidi & Finn. I have made them only once before in a size 5, this time I made a size 2.

A size 2 will incidentally fit on the bottom leg half of a pair of mens 34" length jeans. Don't worry,  we haven't fallen out, I had permission. They were a donation.

The denim is really soft because of being previously washed a billion times. Great for little legs.

I was a bit worried about how they would fit over a nappy bum. The fit is not bad, if I made them again I would add a little more length in the back rise. I didn't draw in the elastic waistband very much so it could be wiggled over her nappy easily.


I look at this photo and think pockets would have been cute.

Halfway through making this pattern the postman delivered my printer ink cartridges so I can now print out my patterns and get on with the rest of my list!

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  1. LOVE! And absolutely love that they were from previously loved jeans:) I have a stack of them just waiting for a purpose... I saw your flickr picture and immediately purchased the pattern.


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