Friday, 16 November 2012

241 Tote from Noodlehead

I have been pinning and favouriting a few versions of this bag recently to get a feel for how I wanted to proceed when I made one. I seem to prefer the ones with a patterned centre panel. Sadly for me I didn't have enough of one print to make it work so used some much treasured scraps on the exterior side pockets instead and made the rest from a medium weight denim.

 I bought the pattern last month and really liked how the instructions were written. The pattern is the 241 Tote from Anna at Noodlehead. There are a couple of variations you can make to the bag: leave off the small exterior pockets, or make a version with zip pockets on the main panel instead. I like the simplicity and detail of the small pockets, let me tell you, they are nice and deep and perfect for throwing your car keys or sunglasses. Looking at my finished bag I can tell I will use it a lot in the summer. It has a casual beachy vibe.

There is a roomy slip pocket inside (you could make one for the other side too if you wanted). The one thing I missed off the bag is the magnetic clasp. If I had one I would have used it, for some reason my eyes never saw it on the materials list! Doh!

The lining I used was a plain brown cotton, also used to line the small pockets. The Red Riding Hood fabric is from Kokka and is from the same half meter I bought to make the Sunday Brunch Skirt earlier this year.

I managed to get both pockets cut at exactly the same point in the pattern. This is one of those items where it looks great sewn up but as soon as you topstitch round the seams, it looks like a million dollars! Topstitching just does that sometimes and this is one of them!

I could have modelled it for you but why would I when I have someone far cuter to show you how it all works?!

When you are this small it is just a great bag for putting all your blocks in. Taking them out again. Putting all your blocks in..... you get the game.

Here are a few shots of my girl giving it the once over in all her crazy-post-naptime-hair glory.


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