Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ice Cream Top for a Birthday Gift

Another birthday invite, another reason to be glad I sew! This is going to a little girl (obviously!) from my daughters school class. I was wondering whether to make a size 5 or a size 6 in this. Unsure as to which child was the one in question, I have listened hard to the names called out when dropping off at school and luckily managed to spot her. All I wanted was a quick glance to size up. My daughter is already in the 6 for most tops because she is tall for her age but I know that some people have normal sized children!

I did decide to make the 6 after all because it would be nice to get some summer wear out of this top so I decided to upsize.

I spent much longer in front of all my fabrics choosing than normal as I find it more intimidating choosing something for someone else. What if it isn't their style? Nervewracking!

But, fingers crossed, you can't go wrong with pink for a girl. I say this even though when I showed Boo what I was making, she commented " Laila likes purple!" (this is the sort of thing I could have been informed about beforehand...)

I decided to use a bartack stitch on the opening because it is the one area of the dress/top I feel is a weak spot. I haven't used a bartack before and this is far from my best work. A starting point a little further to the right might have been better but hey ho! It gives a good strong hold on the back opening and so it is better than it coming undone.

The button is one of my favorites because it comes all the way from the other side of the world! Nepal to be exact! My brother climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last Christmas and when they were all at the top the group photograph shows them all wearing locally made hats, each one a different animal. Darren was sporting a panda hat and this was button was once its nose. He gave it to his niece once he got back from his trip. Sadly the button fell off and I never got around to fixing it back on. So here it goes off on its travels once more.


  1. This is such a lovely present, Katy - even if purple is the fav colour, I'm sure it will be a hit!
    I wonder where the button will end up next?

  2. Lovely button story and super sweet gift!
    These are my go to blouse too!
    xx N

  3. What a neat story that button has! And the shirt is so cute, I hope it was well received :)

    1. Thank you! Her mum text me afterwards to say that she loved it! Phew!


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