Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Knitted Blueleaf Headband

I recently signed up with Ravelry, curious about what sort of things were on there. It is the sort of site that if my mum were a bit more computer savvy, she would spend all day on there! Luckily for my dad, she has no paypal account, knows nothing of Ravelry and is not that speedy with computers!

I have only just started to knit again and as with most beginnners wanted a series of small projects to get me into the swing of things again. Hats, mittens, scarves etc...

I found this pattern for a lacework headband/earwarmer and it looked well within my comfort zone so I chose some wool from my stash and got going.

As with most knitting patterns it never really takes any form until you are well into it. You know you are doing well when somebody walks in and says "oh you are making a hat" (at least then you know you are doing well!). This one started off by looking like mini bunting flags.

This is the first time I have done the ssk stitch and thank goodness for You Tube! I found a really good video showing me exactly what to do. The creator of the video is theknitwitch and she has some great tutorials for most of the basic knitting stitches.

One of the features on Ravelry allows you to post your work in progress and this I like for one reason. When I think back about a project I can rarely remember how long it took me to do. Once you log your wip on Ravelry you can then go back after completion and put the date you finished it on. Great reference tool for when you want to make something again!

This headband took me three days to knit. I tend to knit mainly in the evening and if I can sneak some in during nap time then even better. So I was pleasantly surprised that it only took three days. Yippee!

I chose to secure the two ends with elastic which I sewed on using a larger stitch setting on my machine. I am told the wool will stretch a little with constant use so hopefully the elastic will help to keep it snug.

What I used:

Needles: US 8 - 5.0mm
Yarn: Wendy Beach Baby DK Shade 622

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