Friday, 2 November 2012

Oliver + S School Days Coat

Here it is! My half term project is finally done! I have just finished all the hand sewing on Friday afternoon in time for return to school on Monday. Phew!

I have wanted to make this pattern for so long but really held off because I was a bit scared of making a coat. A coat seems like such a big deal to make. 

If you feel the same way, then let me just say how fantastic this pattern is. I shouldn't be surprised given that it is O+S. But, all the same, I still approached it with caution, only to find myself steaming ahead with no problems.

The outer fabric is a purple melton which was a dream to sew with. The inside is a microdot poplin. I bought the toggles locally at the market and the leather cord off ebay. 

I have got some sew-on snaps for the inside which I will attach later tonight while sitting in front of the telly (instead of being at my sewing machine, for a change!).
 This is the first thing I have made that my daughter kept asking to try on as I was sewing it. That bodes well and she certainly seems to adore it. Success! 

Happy is a mother whose child wants to wear her clothes!


  1. Indeed! No higher praise than something being worn :-)
    It looks great, Katy - such a professional finish
    (& yep, this pattern is on my pattern bust list too...)


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