Thursday, 27 December 2012

Oliver + S: Denim Hopscotch Skirt

So there I was busily sewing a Sailboat Top for my niece when the postman delivered this lovely parcel! 

Apart from when I order the PDF patterns, which come straight from the Oliver + S website, I always order my patterns from Backstitch. They send them out incredibly fast, which I feel is always important when sitting at home waiting for patterns. Plus they have a really good range so if you are based in the UK, have a look at their site.

This skirt is a birthday present for a school friend of my daughters. There have been so many parties recently. I hope it calms down soon! You can't go wrong with a denim skirt so I feel like this is a safe option and a perfect chance to test out a new pattern.

The skirt itself is easily put together, with a front placket feature held together with buttons. The pockets are interesting, they involve a few origami moves to get the folds right and they work beautifully with the simplicity of the skirt. 

All the time I was making this I kept recalling a skirt my mum used to wear back when I was little. I will have to go through the photo albums when I get time because I remember her wearing something quite similar.

The orange buttons were my daughters choice. Apparently that is the little girls favourite colour. I can honestly say from meeting her that she is completely bonkers and a big bundle of fun, so the colour is probably just right for her!

I made a size 5T here. The size is just right for my little one so I won't have to get my tracing paper out again when I make one for her. All in all, a very sweet skirt. I am finding it harder and harder to choose which O+S pattern is my favourite. Everytime I try a new one, it goes into the number one slot!


  1. So sweet Katy!
    (ps I drafted the biggest size and just folded it back to make the smaller ones as they main skirt is squares)
    xx N

    1. Thanks Nicole! Ahh.... clever you. Good thinking!

  2. Love this in denim - & the orange buttons are fab :-)


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