Saturday, 29 December 2012

Oliver + S: Hopscotch Top

My first tentative attempt at knits! I bought the pattern to force myself to try the top. I really need to learn how to sew with knit fabric but have always been a little scared.

It went ok. A few little hiccups but I was determined not to be put off. I used a t-shirt of mine that sat in the draw more often than it came out. Yellow is not really my colour unless I have a tan, otherwise I look jaundiced. It was also a little too tight and made me look busty so to my husbands dismay, I cut it up.

I kept the original hems intact. Sleeves and bottom hemline were both the original ones. I unpicked the neck binding and reused it because it was ribbed and I thought it would look better than cutting a fresh strip. Besides I didn't have a lot to play with and it made sense to reuse it.

There was a logo in white across the chest of the original top and some of it had to be included in the cut. As I saw this as a practice run, it didn't matter.

(the brand logo just sneaking on here as I used the pre-done hems)

So, I said there were hiccups... here is where I bodged it. One of the neck binding edges didn't make it into the stitched seamline of the yoke on my first attempt. I had to unpick. New discovery - unpicking a stretch zig-zag on knit fabric is NOT easy! So I had to tuck it back through and re-sew into place.  It looks so uneven! Grrr....

I do love the style on her though and as a bonus I now have something to match the yellow and blue leggings she got for Christmas!


  1. I think this is a greatr first attempt at knit Katy - my first one went in the bin (really!)
    I now cut my neck bindings longer than the pattern piece - then trim them back.

  2. I think it looks great on her, and very good for your first go! I was always afraid to try knit until this pattern- I knew if anyone could teach me it was Liesl! ;) Also Rae's flashback tee is another really great knit pattern if you are ever in the market for more.


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