Sunday, 5 May 2013

Family Reunion Dress - a bit later than planned

Why is this late? It was one of my Kids Clothes Week projects.

I started this on Day 5 and then life happened and I had to leave it. I finally finished it yesterday morning.

I have only made the dress version once before here. It is one of her go-to dresses so I wanted to ease my laundry turnaround and make her another.

I modified this one by changing the pleats to gathers. I have seen a top version on Flickr that used this modification and it was so lovely I have always wanted to try it.

I fear that my gathers turned out less than perfect. I didn't spend enough time spacing them out so I'm not over the moon with the result.

I have always loved the details of this pattern. The topstitching around the bottom hem adds a small amount of weight to the bottom of the dress as well being a delicate feature.

The scoop of the neckline is just beautiful.

I made the size 6T just like the last time because it still fits perfectly after so many months of wear. It's really only the hemline that has got a bit further up her leg!

I have one more item of children sewing left to do before I spend some time on my own wardrobe. The weather is warming up and I feel sadly lacking in anything suitable. So next up a pair of Parsley pants then onto a Washi dress for me. I have owned that pattern for so long I feel shamed into doing something with it!


  1. This is sweet, Katy. I like the idea of gathers (my one and only attempt at this is sitting in my UFO pile - I muffed the tucks badly).
    Looking forward to your Washi!

    1. I would never admit how many items are hidden away in my basket that I either gave up on, lost the desire to do, or have just plain forgotten about. A healthy pile of UFO's are a sewing room staple!

      So excited about my Washi! It is cut out and the muslin bodice looked fine so fingers crossed!


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