Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Birthday Fairytale

5 years old! How did that happen? Sniff sniff... Time goes far too fast when you have little ones.

My girliest of girlies naturally wanted a dress. Whenever I ask her what she would like me to make her, the answer is always; Dress. Pretty dress. Twirly dress.

The Fairytale Dress pattern from Oliver and S had been playing on my mind for a while now and so I went ahead and bought it. I also did the very organized thing of ordering all the fabric and notions in the same shopping spree. They all arrived within days of each other so once I had got over the initial excited cooing of new pattern and fabric to play with, I cracked on with the dress.

The fabric appealed to me straight away as I thought it would make a fun and colourful party dress. The irony of a British summer needing umbrellas wasn't entirely lost on me either.

This is view B, the sleeveless version with a large sash. I played around with the sash while taking the photos as I like it around the waist to break up the waistline a bit. Boo liked it with tied at the back with a massive bow because it was more 'princessey'. Either way she loves the dress so you won't find me complaining!

The length of the dress is superb. Unhemmed it looked far too long yet the instructions tell you to take up a wide double hem to add weight to the bottom and allow the skirt to flounce out beautifully. In usual Oliver and S style it all comes together perfectly at the end!

I chose to add piping to my collar to add some definition. It has distorted the clean lines of the view B collar a little bit (making it more like the rounder collar on view A) but I like it. 

My underskirts are lilac spiderweb tulle which I found at Minerva Crafts. It is super soft, unlike the stiff and scratchy tulle I found locally for the ballet tutu I made earlier this year. It comes in every shade you could possible need and I will be buying more of this in the future, it sews and cuts like a dream.

My main dress fabric is quilting cotton and the plain purple lining fabric is voile. I used this for the sash as well and had reservations about it being too floppy. I suppose the bow is meant to have a bit more body to it, but it turned out well in the end. I like how floaty light it is, and when she runs it bobs up and down delightfully!

I made a muslin for the bodice but didn't have to make any alterations to it at all. The fit seemed to suit my long and lean girl.

We have a school birthday party at the weekend and I will love seeing her wearing this. The weather is glorious at the moment. I suspect the party might be moved outdoors so I am expecting ice cream and grass stains all over this by the end of the day!


  1. I love this Katy - the dress, the fabric, the sash....
    And yep, 5 is a big one - I've been sniffing about it too (Lucy was 5 two weeks ago)

    1. Their birthdays are so close together! Happy belated birthday Miss Lucy!
      Thanks, this has filled a gap in her wardrobe. We were surprisingly short on party style dresses. I enjoyed making this, and love Liesl just a little bit more now!

  2. Gorgeous dress. I love the idea of umbrlla print for a summer dress too!
    My son turned five last month and it does seem such a little kid to bigger kid milestone birthday


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