Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sewing for my man - at long last!

Husband versus children, how often does husband win when it comes to new clothes? In this house NEVER. Until today!

It has taken me over 2 years to get around to a pair of pyjama bottoms for Jay. No word of a lie, he has asked me and asked me. I always kept bumping his request to the bottom of the list. Now the main reason is that while I have lots of pretty girly fabric, or solids that are earmarked for something in particular, I don't have any suitable boy fabric. I don't sew for many boys. So it figures that my stash of suitable fabrics is low.

At the weekend I decided to put this dilemma at the top of my list and so took everybody to the little fabric shop in town so he could choose something himself. I also had the added guilty pleasure of choosing myself something to make a new dress out of. You see, I ordered myself the new in-print Staple Dress pattern by April Rhodes, and I couldn't stop feeling like I would be a bad wife by buying my fabric and not his.

Jay's criteria was simple, it had to be manly (grr...) , lightweight and comfy. He settled on this Madras check cotton. I wasn't sure whether I liked it at first, but once it was washed and on the line, I saw its potential.

The owner of the fabric shop was really helpful and when I said it was for pj's he showed me this brushed elastic that was ideal for what I wanted. It also meant that I could avoid having to feed the elastic through the casing and sew down on top of the turned over waistband. Plus it would feel soft against the skin.

I took a leaf out of my Parsley Pants book and secured all the seam allowances down by folding under and top stitching down every seam. No tickly seam allowances and super strong seams.

I double stitched the hems on the legs, but because my double needle has gone walkies I had to go around twice, carefully!


You won't see a modelled shot I am sorry to say as he point blank refused! Spoil sport!

 I dare say more of these will follow now I have got started and Hubby will soon have no need to complain. I used a Simplicity pattern for these (5329) that also has full length bottoms and a robe included. I didn't really refer to the instructions as I sewed them because they are quite basic but I think next time I will size down.

Now I can move on to something cute!


  1. These look great, Katy. My husband sewing has consisted of two pairs of pj pants, full stop! (Mind you, think that that is all John would deign to wear ;-) )
    I ordered (& now have!) the Staple dress pattern too - it is sitting here distracting me from what I should be doing. What fabric did you choose for yours?

    1. At least you can't go wrong with pj's! I do have the Negroni Shirt pattern for when I am feeling a little more daring.
      I haven't traced off the Staple dress yet, like you I am thinking about the Portfolio tunic first. For the Staple dress I chose a linen-viscose blend because it had lovely drape. It is a lavender-grey colour. I will be making the straight hem version. I still need a bit of convincing about the other hem.

    2. I've got the Negroni shirt (& fabric!) here too - one day...
      Your fabric sounds lovely - I really want to make this (not sure why: not even sure it will suit me!); have picked fabric, but neither one has been released (new Rashida Coleman Hale and Joel Dewberry voile)

  2. Congrats on finally getting around to Husband sewing.;) I have the Negroni pattern and meant to sew one for my husband for either our anniversary or Father's day but June came and went and it didn't get done. Perhaps for his birthday? It's not until November...lol

    I'll have to check out the brushed elastic. I owe my son a bunch of pj bottoms...

  3. I am amused at the thought we are all stashing our Negroni patterns for a future date! The brushed elastic was a good find, I have never seen it on sale before, I must look for an online source it is good stuff!


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