Thursday, 26 September 2013

Owl Bunting?....why not!

Have you got a project idea stored away that you would love to make, but just have no good reason to do so? This was mine.

 Ahh the tempting beauty of Pinterest! These little owls flashed up on my homepage some time ago and I thought they were so clever. I just couldn't find a genuine reason to make them until now. 

My daughter has been talking non-stop about the new reading corner that her class are making at school. The theme is all about Day & Night and one of the books they are reading is The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. Such a cute read. 

I know they have a tree and a picnic rug and some flowers. So I thought, YES!, I can whip up some owl bunting and everyone will be happy. Mainly me!

I rooted through my scraps to make the owls up and stuck to a theme of pink, purple, brown and green.

Surprisingly, my button tub produced enough pairs to make eight sets of eyes, all in the right colours.

The contrast chest pieces are all felt to make it quicker to sew, and to make them more tactile for the children. I don't keep an enormous amount of felt in stock and some of the pieces I had are nasty, cheap felt squares. I did find some wool felt in amongst the piles and the difference to touch is so obvious. The decent stuff feels wonderful and not like the scouring pad I use for my pots and pans. I'm no felt expert but I think you get what you pay for!

For the hanging tape, I couldn't find anything appropriate in colour so I used a dark brown knotted belt that my mum gave me. I untied it all and re-plaited the cords using two strips of cord per strip. The dark brown is just what I wanted because it looks more earthy.

Did I waste an entire day making this garland up? Yes. Am I glad I finally got to make some cute little owls? Absolutely. That makes it well worth the effort in my book!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Izzy Coat

This years winter coat is a pattern that has been lurking in my stash for about 3 years. I know this exactly as I found the receipt inside the pattern sheets. It is time, I thought to get this one crossed off the list!

This is the Izzy coat by Farbenmix. It is open to some heavy embellishments in the designs examples I found but I toned it down a little and only added a couple of appliques. This colourful zebra was so cute I couldn't help myself. I wanted to put an arm patch on to brighten things up and to make it more individual. She will be wearing this at school and I often lose sight her in the early morning playground chaos. The lining is pretty colourful too so it should help me spot her!

The main fabric is a baby pink cord. It was thinner than I had hoped so I went all out with the fleece lining. I had a small amount of quilt batting which was too thick to use but peeled apart into two layers quite easily. This has made the coat very warm and snuggly so it was a good (and money friendly!) way of insulating the coat. It was a pain to sew in though, I would much rather use fusible fleece if I was to make it again.

I sized up so it will fit right up to the end of the cold season. This is a size 6/7 and it is a really good fit. I was worried the extra padding would restrict movement but it doesn't at all. It looks so comfy. The sleeve cuffs are edged with jersey interlock fabric to make sure that naughty cold breeze doesn't find its way up her arm.

The neck closure adds a little bit more protection from the wind and it covers the top of the zip.

The lining is my precious Heaven and Helsinki. Saved for a special project and I couldn't be happier about having used it. 
Since taking these photos I added a little butterfly to the breast pocket flap and it now breaks up the pink a bit more. It is super girly and she loves it. I am always happy to tick another pattern off the list!

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Last of my Summer Sewing: Finch Shorts

There couldn't be a more appropriate day to announce the end of my summer sewing. It is miserable out there today! I didn't realize it was raining so heavily until I let the cat in at 6am and got a barrage of abuse from her. Wow! She was very cross (and a bit soggy)!

I have done my best to get decent photos but it is too dark really. So on to the clothes...!

I made the Ice Cream Top last month and haven't been able to crack on with the intended shorts until now. School holiday are hectic! Especially that last week and I feel like I have been out of the blog loop for a long while. What moments I had to fire up my laptop were few and very hurried so I have a lot of catching up to do. I must only have read about 4 blog posts in the last couple of weeks. Hope you are all still there!

I had the shorts cut out and set aside last week. They are of course the fabulous Finch Shorts by Clever Charlotte. My daughter has worn her navy pair to death and these ones are to fill a gap in the wardrobe for lighter coloured, plain shorts.

The colour hasn't come across very well because of the light but it is a soft grey-lavender linen mix which I used for my Staple Dress. The fabric has a lovely drape. I was a bit worried that it would be too floppy for these shorts which are a bit more structured than other patterns out there, but in fact they look lovely.

The fact that I topstitched the pleats this time, helps the shorts stay looking crisp.

They are made to go with this top in particular but will go with pretty much everything else as well. I must put tights on my shopping list so I can stretch their wear into the latter end of the year.

Another reason why I have been on the internet less over the last week is because of this disaster....

Agghh! Stupid me trod on the laptop and damaged the screen. Not impressed with myself AT ALL! It is difficult to look at things properly with a whacking great big inky stain across the screen so it will have to go in for repair soon. Lesson learned about leaving it on the floor.

To cheer myself up (and because the house is a bit quieter now school is back) I am casting on my new knitting project. I couldn't be more excited about this one. It is the Avery Cowl by Quince & Co. I spotted this pattern on the photostream of a Flickr contact and was entranced by the detail. I thought it would be out of my knitting league but after looking at a few projects on Ravelry I am convinced I could manage it. 

This is for me and seeing as I am a creature of habit and only wear things that are blue or green I chose this gorgeous shade from Cascasde Yarns. It is Cyan Blue (8891) and is one of their 220 range. After squishing it into my cheek for a few minutes I decided it would be perfect for the cowl, very soft and warm. Wish me luck!!