Friday, 25 October 2013

KCW: Everyday Pocket Pants

The last couple of days have been spent cutting out these trousers for my youngest and tracing off some new projects. These are a firm favourite in our house and this will be my third pair. See versions one and two here.

I used a soft needlecord for this pair. I adore my girl in this colour. She couldn't contrast further from my eldest daughters requested colours of pink and purple. Blue, Green, Grey and White are just lovely on her.

She is now 2 and a half but I didn't trace off a bigger size for the new pair because her older flowery cord pair still fit her (with growing room). I tend to put her in these for nursery days so I know she isn't in anything too restrictive. Little girls are always on the move!

There is no contrast fabric or stitching on these. I just wanted them plain so they would fit in with everything else. The ribbon was necessary to lift my spirits a bit. Plus, she is a big fan of her ribbon edged taggie (which goes everywhere with her) and likes the addition of a comforting ribbon loop to play with.

The cuffs were cut on the opposite grain to add some subtle detail.

 I made one slight alteration to the pattern this time around and that was to make the waistband deeper. I always felt that the width looked a bit mean and so I cut two strips of waistband casing and used both of them to make up the inside and outside casing. You are only meant to cut out one and then fold it over. I much prefer this version.

The waistband is so so soft against her tummy. I may have popped in a longer length of elastic than last time to prolong the shelf life a bit. Ironically, I finished these last night and this morning a parcel arrived containing the buttonhole elastic I ordered earlier this week. Ah well!

We are on half term now and so the rest of KCW will be mainly late night sewing sessions to work around the children. I will get some t-shirts sewn up at some point!


  1. That IS a lovely colour. Great pants and very cute tummy!

    1. :-) Thanks Shelley! This cord was destined to be so many things in my head, I couldn't decide. I should have bought more.

  2. I adore the color of these pants! They look like a great (and comfortable!) basic.

    1. It is a great pattern. I don't own many of the O+S patterns in the smaller sizes and I suppose these are my alternative to the After School Pants. I should try her in Rae's Parsly Pants too.


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