Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In Threes Cardigan: Take Two

Pattern: In Threes: A Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich
Yarn: Sirdar Supersoft Aran (colourway Frigate Grey)
Size made: 2T

My second In Threes Cardigan was less of a triumph than my first. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot my obvious mistake. I got a bit carried away with my garter rows and slipped an extra one in on the middle of the yoke rows. Given that my main grievance about this cardigan is the wool I used, I am not even stressed about my one-row-too-many mistake. 

I thought (or hoped) that this aran wool would be a success as it feels nice and bouncy, is cheaply priced and comes in a tempting range of colours. But having knitted something up in it, I found that it lost all the smoothness and became fluffy. This is how it came off my needles. Some of the stitch definition is lost just from being on my lap as I knitted.

So, a play cardigan it will become. 

This version is also a smaller size than my first. I intended to knit this for little L who is 2.5 years old. The larger size I knitted previously was very generous and will last Boo for a couple of winters at least. Bearing this in mind I made the 2T for my youngest daughter and it drowns her! I was all set to put it away when I decided to try it on my eldest. It doesn't fit badly at all!
I will go down a size next time to accommodate L and perhaps knit a 3T for Boo. That seems crazy seeing as she is 5 years but, it would fit her perfectly with some extra length.

As a bonus, my mum is quite taken with the pattern and has offered to help me knit another one for each of the girls. So mum.... a size 3 for Boo and an 18 month for little L. Thanks!!


  1. As a non knitter, it looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you! She wore it with a party dress on Saturday and looked really pretty. I do need to find a long sleeved alternative now though!

  2. It looks great! I love that shade of gray. I have been admiring this pattern for what feels like forever. I finally purchased some yarn (cotton) and the pattern and promptly handed if off to my mom (yesterday)! I can knit (kind of) but I knew if I wanted it before next summer, I'd better give it to a better knitter.;)

    1. I saw the yarn that you pinned, it looked lovely! Having a mum that knits is a blessing. Mine is really good at helping out!


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