Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sweet Pocket Pinafore

Arriving back home after work last weekend, my husband told me excitedly that he had ordered some fabric to make L a top. Now he doesn't normally do this, so I was a bit flabbergasted. (wouldn't you be?)

It arrived quite quickly so I didn't have to wait for long and to be honest I wasn't sure what to make of it, or from it, more to the point. 

I asked the good ladies of flickr, who can always be relied upon and from their fab suggestions I decided upon a simple pinafore. One that didn't have too many details, pleats or gathers to disrupt the campervans.

This pattern is the Heidi & Finn Sweet Pocket Pinafore. I bought it ages ago when they only did a smaller size range and have used it before here. Boo has said she would like one so I am giving some serious thought to buying the larger pattern size too.

You get two tops in one with this pattern as it is reversible. Love it! 

While it is not currently warm enough to wear it alone, it really goes well with layers. the bodice is not too restrictive so a tshirt goes underneath comfortably. I made her the 3T and it is perfectly sized.

The back crosses over (I should have moved her hair out of the way so you could see) and the opening gives lots of flexibility, so perfect for play. It got a good response from the nursery nurses this morning. They all thought the fabric was pretty cool. They also looked impressed when I said "if she gets it mucky, flip it over, you can wear it inside out". She does come home looking as it she has dropped most of her dinner down her top!

And a close up of that crossover back because I love it so much....


  1. He purchased fabric?
    xx N

  2. I love reversible things! This reminds me a bit of the roly-poly pinafore I just made. Does this one slip on without any closures, though? And that fabric is fun!

    1. I like the pleat in the roly poly version. This just goes on over her head. It is a bit puzzling at first (hubby struggles) but it looks great on.

  3. Lovely! I love the centred van on the front!

    1. A lot of thought went into which van would be center front!!


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