Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ottobre Knit Dress

I have decided to do a batch of knit sewing for Boo as she is quite low on t-shirts and leggings. When contemplating knits I know the best place to go for inspiration is my Ottobre Design magazines. There are always so many lovely knit projects.

I have some patterns set aside for tops - the Figgys Celestial Tee fits well and so does Rae's Flash Back Tee. For Leggings I will make a few of the Figgy's Sunki's and  some O+S Playtime as well. Both of those fit well.

When the knit needles are in you might as well get a few projects ticked off in one go!

This dress caught my eye. The Seesaw dress from the 3/2013 issue. The one on the cover which I always assumed was made from a woven is actually a nice basic shape jersey dress. The collar didn't appeal, so I left it off. 

The knit fabric is a nice stretchy cotton-elastane mix that I bought from Remnant House. The ribbing is from the only place I ever buy ribbing, the marvellous Kitschy Coo.

I have made the 128cm seeing as she is only 1cm off. It is certainly going to last the rest of the summer.

I used clear elastic tape to stablize the shoulder seams and tried using it to gather the skirt as well. The gathering didn't go as well as I had hoped. I found it a bit fiddly and to be honest would rather gather by basting stitch. I don't think the seam lies flat enough with the tape there. My method needs practice!

I could easily use the top half of this pattern to make a vest top. The length is perfect and it all comes together so quickly on the serger.

I just ordered some more knit fabric off an Ebay shop as my supply was low. It is always nerve wracking buying fabric on Ebay so here's hoping it will be good quality when it arrives.


  1. What a lovely, go-to Summer pattern. Your neck and arm bands are perfect.
    I am with you on gathering, I try new methods but I must confess I use a lot of woven sewing techniques on knits, the finish is just neater and more professional.

    I hope you are happy with your seller, I have found some great buys on eBay.

    1. Thank you! This was the first time I have used a twin needle successfully and it makes so much difference to the finish. On my machine I just have to take it really slow otherwise it skips the stitches.

      I am really happy with the fabric. It has washed and dried beautifully and isn't too thin. I ordered some single knit jersey and some interlock to test their range. So far so good!

  2. This is such a good 'basic' - may have to make this one up for Lucy
    I'm with you on the clear elastic - so very much harder than all the tutorials suggest! I will stick with basting stitches from now on

    1. I found the elastic so fiddly for the length I was trying to gather. I have done shorter lengths (like the gathers on the hopscotch) with success, but not this one.
      The dress is great, you should definitely try it!

  3. The dress is darling! Sometimes gathering with clear elastic works perfectly...other times not so much. I've found that on lighter weight knits and where there is a lot of gathering it works great. But where there is only a little bit of gathering, not at all!

    1. That's funny, (see my above reply to Justine!) I found it easier the other way round. I do prefer using basting stitches either way. The elastic is great for the shoulder seams though, it gives me reassurance that they will stay put!

  4. Love this Katy, your fabric choice is so cute. I agree with Nicole, I tend to use the tried and tested woven techniques lest I lose my tiny mind and throw everything out the window.


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