Friday, 22 August 2014

School Cardigan: Blank Slate Pattern

I haven't done much uniform sewing over the holidays and my to-do list was actually quite small for school prep. I had this cardigan and a possible new school bag in mind. I was thinking the messenger bag from LTTS book, but I haven't got there yet. Too many days out!

Boo's school cardi managed to last her through reception and year one (making it a great buy) so I was tempted to take the easy route and just buy another one. However, I spotted this pattern the Cool Cardigan from Blank Slate Patterns which was an exact replica of the one from the shop. And us sewing mum's just can't resist the challenge of recreating something!

It doesn't have raglan sleeves but I doubt anyone will notice. I can also get the school embroidery put on at the shop so will try to get that done pre-term. No promises though.

This is the comparison with her old one. Pretty close eh? As you can see from my photo's, I made the markings for pockets, thinking I might add them on, but in the end I chose to stick to the original as much as possible.

The sweatshirt fleece is from Ebay. Most online stores that sell sweatshirt fabric stock the same range of school-type colours. This was a good price and I bought some matching ribbing as well. I thought I would use the ribbing for the button band and waistband, but in the end I only used it for the cuffs.

The fit is fantastic. I made the size 7, could probably have got away with the 6 but I like knowing I won't have to renew it come January. The sleeves sit past her wrists, just. Perfect for keeping the chilly wind out in the playground.

I did all the construction on the overlocker and the fabric was a dream to sew. The buttonholes caused me grief (as per usual) especially that bottom one. I didn't interface that section of the waistband and it made a great deal of difference. The reverse of the buttonhole is butchered. (mental note to interface next time)

This is a very speedy project and I have a size 4 cut out for L in a grey marl knit. It is seriously snuggly and so will make a good layer for the winter.


  1. It looks great! Off to check out this pattern. ..

    1. Thank you Janice! It actually doesn't sell itself from the pattern photos (not to me anyway) but the line drawings let me see it was just what I wanted.

  2. Great job!
    I love to interface for button holes or my machine will eat them!

  3. Amazing!! I need one of these for me! I have just got my mum to knit the child's first school cardis - not sure how well they will cope with reception though!!

  4. This is perfect! It looks just like the school one (aside from the raglan sleeves;)). Well done.

  5. Katy, You did a fabulous job on this! It looks even better than the school cardigan.:)


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