Sunday, 15 February 2015

Popover Poncho

This seemed a risky purchase. For me it is one of those patterns that catches your eye, and you see some versions that you like but something keeps you from committing to buying. But after dithering for a few weeks, I finally went for it. I needed another coat option for the cold weather, something a bit different. 
This fit the bill and I am happy to say, I really like it.

It was the word 'poncho' that made me stall, but I am fine with it all now. This is proving to be a very handy item to have in my wardrobe. It is easy to throw on, great for layering and keeps me nice and warm.

This is of course, the Popover Poncho by April Rhodes. It was very quick to sew up, only a couple of afternoons worth of sewing and voila! The fabric is a very soft and drapey mystery something. I bought it from a local shop with a Minoru Jacket in mind but never got around to it. It is a knit fabric but feels like melton. I have no idea! But it is very warm and the cowl neck feels lovely.

Some reviewers of this poncho said they wish they had added length and I am in agreement. Another couple of  inches would have suited my height better and since I like to wear a few layers underneath, the extra length would have covered my cardigan and wrapped around my hips to keep me warmer when my hands are in the pocket. There is a tiny bit of a draft up the sides as it is. I made the large size and am 5 7".

It is a great item to wear with skinny jeans and boots and it was nice to tuck my hands into the large kangaroo pocket at the front as I walked. In fact I wouldn't like it half as much if I had nowhere to put my hands.

This has turned out to be one of those items I will be glad to see when the winter weather starts to bite. It feels like a warm blanket and I am glad I bit the bullet and bought the pattern!