Thursday, 11 June 2015

First Day Family Reunion

This is the beautiful Family Reunion pattern by Oliver and S. 

This is one of the earliest O+S patterns I sewed up and the dress version was an instant favourite with my eldest. So much so, that even though the purple dress made here is still in perfect condition, it has faded with constant washes and is a shadow of it's former self. As all well loved handmades should be, in the end. 

My youngest daughter is starting school this year and her transition days started this week. Yesterday actually. I stood in the playground with lots of other nervously excited parents ready to send my little one through the doors of the brightly coloured reception classrooms. L is more than ready to start school and she was very eager to get in there. 

So much so, she only gave me the briefest of goodbye's and was through the gates and in the room before I had even had the teacher tick her name off the list!

She had a great time and was very happy to explore new surroundings with cool new toys. 

The previous day I managed to get these lovely shots of her in the blouse I made to mark the occasion. This was a special sew for me. When Boo had her first trial day I sent her in a Family Reunion blouse (here), so I wanted L to have her own.

I opted to put snaps on the back placket of this one. It was a good decision and my husband thanks me for not putting fiddly buttons on. 

She is wearing her Puppet Show shorts here which are from last year and they still fit! She doesn't grow out much anyway, only up. I love the combination of these two patterns, they are comfy and cool for her and have the advantage of looking really smart.


  1. Such a cute outfit! Sweet idea to sew something special for the transition day when they have to wear a uniform once school proper starts.
    It is such a lovely pattern. Definitely one to make over and over again

    1. Thank you Shelley!
      I sometimes forget about these early patterns, this one is so pretty and I love the pintucks. Clever Liesl!

  2. Ah so pretty!!! And what a sweet tradition! So nice. And I love these meadow pics!

    1. Thanks Inder! I am looking forward to making her the dress version.

  3. I can't believe she is already old enough for school! Adorable top, and it does pair perfectly with the PS shorts.

    1. I know! It's too soon!
      I need to add Puppet Show shorts to the list. I have just been through her future hand-me-downs and I didn't make any in a 3 or 4. My first pair must have been a 5!


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