Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Kids Clothes Week: The Badminton Set!

I took part in this Kids Clothes Week with no plans in mind. I got as far as 'What does she need?' More shorts, a few light summer tops, a couple of skirts, and new nightgowns.

I have a sound pattern that I use for nightgowns and have it traced off. But something different perhaps. It occurred to me that I had never sewn up the dress from the Oliver + S Badminton pattern, or the top. And the shorts from the skort look great on their own. Decision made. Lets make all the pieces from the set!

I used a Liberty lawn for the top paired with a pale purple poplin. The navy shorts seemed like a good colour match, plus she can wear them for PE at school.

I increased the back pieces of the shorts to give a little more room around the bottom, which is becoming my standard adjustment for her. The top was lengthened by 2" which may have been a smidge too much but will last her a while longer for having done it.

The shorts are made from a stretch cotton with a lovely sheen, making them feel quite luxurious. I am really happy with how they turned out. 

I really enjoyed making the top. The yoke is quite fiddly and time consuming to put together. It was with the patience and concentration of a Bake Off contestant plaiting a batch of bread dough, I smoothed and re-smoothed the yoke and sewed it in place. I love how clever the pattern is! Everything looks so complicated yet a couple of flips and folds later, it looks perfect!

While she likes the top, she wasn't keen on the shoulder ruffles. This surprised me because she loves pretty things but for some reason they didn't float her boat. So for the nightgown, I left them off. I like either look, but maybe she is right, the clean and simple shape of the yoke does look refreshingly modern without the ruffles. 

One of the details I love about the Badminton pattern is the scalloping on the bottom edge of the skort and dress. Worth every ounce of concentration to get those lines stitched precisely.

I couldn't put the pattern away without making the skort too.

Beige stretch twill with shorts underneath made from a lighter beige polycotton. I did this because the twill was quite thick and I didn't want to add bulk and make it too hot to wear. This will be worn over the upcoming summer months.

There are lots of places to sneak extra detail in on this pattern....

Skort, Top, Shorts and Nightie, all from one pattern. Never say you don't get your monies worth from an Oliver and S pattern!

I still haven't caught up with everybody else's KCW makes and am hoping to settle myself down with a cuppa tomorrow to have a look. 
Hope you all enjoyed the challenge if you took part!


  1. It's absolutely adorable - I'm quite partial on shoulder ruffles to be honest, but the nightie is so beautiful without them :)

    1. Thanks Ana Sofia! Sometimes you have just got to go with what THEY want!

  2. Wow! You were really prolific this KCW! I love all the pieces and I love the ruffle on the top. It does look great without it, though, and makes a perfect nightie. The red ribbon bow is the perfect accent. All those extra hidden touches on the skort make it extra special. Wonderful work!

    1. Thank you Karen!
      It was actually easier to get things sewn up when working from one pattern. No flicking between different sheets and instructions. I have made numerous versions of the skort in the past, some for school (uniform grey) and some for fun. She likes wearing this style.

  3. Katie I love all of this. Especially that beige skort. I've also only made the skort once and never been too excited by the top but it's nightie potential is definitely there! You nailed it with the fabrics, one looks every bit like a nightie while the top certainly doesn't. Great job!

    1. Thank you Shelley!
      The nightie is a big hit with Boo, she loves how feminine it is. Also it is a good length for climbing up and down her bunkbed ladder!

  4. The whole set! Nicely done. I only managed to sew both parts of an O+S pattern at once a few times, all four parts is even more impressive!

  5. These are so great!!! I love the fabrics you've chosen here. The nightgown is just divine ... especially with that scalloped hem.


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