Tuesday, 15 September 2015

School Sewing Round Up

My bi-annual sewing of grey and white has been completed! 
The school uniforms are all done until a growth spurt hits next year. Hopefully.

My youngest started school this time around and has benefited from all the hand-me downs so nothing new for her but Boo required quite a bit. I cheated and bought the PE kit for them both this time. Although it seems I forgot to buy a jumper for Boo so need to fix that.

I used these patterns for her:

Vintage Simplicity Blouse 9564
Simplicity 4264 Skirt
Oliver + S Music Class Blouse
Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt
Oliver + S Lunchbox Culottes
Make It Perfect Big Uptown Girl Jacket

This is the vintage blouse pattern. A bit of a wildcard as I haven't made it before, but I did a muslin and the fit was spot on. I have made the size 10. 

I already adore the Music Class blouse but when I saw this pattern I couldn't resist those tucks!

The only thing I would change is the sleeve length. My pattern was missing the sleeve piece when I came to make it. When I bought it, it was there, so I can only assume it has found its way into another pattern envelope. So I used another pattern piece that was a close fit. The actual sleeve looks shorter on the picture so need to adjust that if I make another.

The skirt above is the 4264 in a grey ponte knit which is divine quality. Also out of stock where I ordered it from which speaks volumes! Why didn't I buy more! The fabric requirements are actually a woven but I wanted to make her a knit version for comfort.

The waistband is concealed inside the yoke. Great for a streamline look but if you want to get back in to adjust the elastic, better get that stitch picker ready!

On to the Lunchbox Culottes and Music Class Blouse. Solid favourites to sew and wear.

The culottes have about 4" taken off the length to be more practical for school. These are very appreciated in winter because of the added warmth. Last year she wore her 2 pairs in near constant rotation.

Throwing in a cute photo of the girls in their Oliver + S skirts. L is wearing her Music Class skirt which is hands down my favourite school skirt pattern. Those pleats! That hidden pocket!

I know I will make one for Boo with the fabric I have left over. Just not right now. I am done with the greys!

I love the curve of the collar on the Music Class blouse. Isn't it sweet and girly?

I also made the Hula Hoop skirt, however, despite adding 2" of length it is still too short. She wore it once with some shorts underneath (O+S Playtime shorts actually), but I couldn't stop checking her hemline. This one is for 'oops I forgot to wash the uniform' emergencies only!

See? Too much leg. Daddy wouldn't be happy.

Another 4624 skirt but in woven this time.

Lastly a new jacket. This is not strictly just for school. So I made it a bit special.
We feel a bit in-between the seasons at the moment. Her winter coat is done, here, but it is more heavily insulated and it just isn't that cold yet.

With the wool left over from cutting out L's School Days coat (still to be sewn up) I managed to fit this Uptown Jacket + 1" in length onto the scraps. 

I prefer it with the sleeves rolled up at the cuffs but Boo wanted them down. I just like seeing the Liberty fabric peeking out, it makes me smile!

I used my best wool and Liberty lawn on this baby so I was damned if I was going to make it big enough to fit only a couple of months. I sized up so it will last and also go over layers.

There is something that reminds me of Harry Potter about the whole thing. Maybe it is the longer sleeves and deep hood, teamed with tousled hair and school uniform, but she looks like a little Hermione Granger! I think she is adorable!

Inside is mostly lawn with the exception of the top back yoke. I wanted a bit of extra warmth there so used the wool.

I don't trust my machine to sew buttonholes through wool. I tested on a scrap and true to form, it screwed it up. So I chose sew in snaps and buttons just for detail on the front.

The hood is impressively deep!

The lining feels butter soft against her skin. She is a big fan. The pattern is meant to be reversible and if I hadn't have switched the inside yoke fabric around, she could flip it inside out. But that wool would feel scratchy.

Phew! After all that, you would think I needed a sewing break. 
Thread Theory are having a Strathcona T-shirt sew-along on at the moment which I am intending to follow. I am looking forward to stocking up the male section of our wardrobe a bit.


  1. Great work Katy, the girls look lovely. Pity bout the Hula Hoop skirt. It looks really cute that length for "weekend wear" bug I can see how it wouldn't cut it as part of a uniform.
    Love that coat. The big hood is kinda halfway between a duffel coat and a magicians cloak!
    I've got lots of other things to do, but I'm tempted to finally sew the Strathcona Henley too.

    1. Thanks Shelley! I did a test run of the Hula Hoop too. Fail!
      She loves the coat, I wish that meant it didn't get stuffed into her rucksack at the end of each day, but you can't ask for everything.

  2. Fab sewing, Katy! All the pieces look great. The coat is adorable!

    1. Thanks Cindy!
      Maybe I will get around to sewing something for me too. I am at the end of the list!

  3. Wow… that was a school uniform sewing marathon! Good work, Katy. Love the coat and the winter one you made earlier.

    1. Thanks Deb! I have L's School Days coat next up. I keep putting it off though....
      Hope you are settling in!

  4. I am in awe of your uniform sewing skills and dedication!! Especially with two girls to clothe! The coat is delightful, they are very lucky girls indeed! One day I will follow you into the world of uniform sewing, maybe!

    1. Thanks Jenna!
      Sometimes when the supermarkets do their uniform offers, it is foolish not to take them up on it, but I find that the skirts always grow too short too fast. At least I get to add the length on at the start!

  5. What a beautiful Uptown Girl jacket and what a lucky little girl getting to wear those precious fabrics x

    1. Thank you Toni! She actually wore this again today. Our spring mornings are chilly enough to appreciate a light wool jacket.


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