Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sailboat in Stripes

I just love the Sailboat pattern from Oliver and S. It was one of the first patterns I made and it filled me full of such enthusiasm for sewing that it always makes me smile every time I make it. 

The first size I made was a 5T and L isn't fitting into those yet. So I made up a size 4 and the sizing is spot on. No adjustments necessary.

I have been looking for a reason to use this fabric too. Sent to me by the lovely Nicole, I have been reluctant to waste an inch of it unnecessarily. Knowing how wearable this top is, I couldn't pass up the chance to combine fabric with pattern. I think it works!

I tried my hardest to pattern match those stripes and I was 95% successful. The sides look really well matched so I am happy.I didn't want to put buttonholes in. My machine has a poor track record of working buttonholes on knit fabric so I opted for the ease of snaps. She doesn't need to undo them yet to get the top on and off, but towards the end of its life, they may come in useful.

Clothes that become instant favourites are always the best ones to make again. This is such an easy pattern for her to wear that I am eyeing up my fabric pile to make her some more. Winter is coming after all.

Speaking of which, we took the girls to see the Christmas decorations and displays in the garden center today and they got increasingly more excited with each passing minute. Roll on December!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Swingset For A Big Girl

One of the recent pattern releases from Oliver + S is the Swingset Skirt. A remake of an old classic, updated to include sizes up to 14!

I have always loved this skirt pattern. It is pretty, twirly and has a clever waistband that is both elasticated and contains a channel for a drawstring or ribbon. 

I held off buying the Swingset pattern for a long time purely because it only goes up to a 5T and my big girl was growing out of that size at the time. When I had another daughter, I knew I could justify buying it at last and I have enjoyed making the top from the pattern, here.

For my fabric I chose a print that I had spotted a while ago from... Ikea! Yes, that's right, and it is a home dec weight fabric, so not the easiest to gather, or make and install the drawstring with. But I couldn't resist. 
Sometimes when you see a fabric, you instantly know what you want to make with it. The Swingset popped into my head straightaway and I intended to make a smaller size for L but held off as I knew the colour would suit Boo more.

What a wonderful bit of luck when Liesl released the updated version with larger sizes. Finally!!

I made a size 10. Boo sometimes falls into the 12 but because of the generosity of the elasticated waistband, she fit into the 10 perfectly. I added 2" of length to the skirt so it would finish just above her knees.

The skirt is lined and for this I kept it simple with a white poplin. It is perfectly petticoat like and in this case, keeps the heavier weight fabric from touching her skin so she doesn't complain about it being rough when she sits down.

Lets talk about the top. Another Oliver + S pattern, and another one that is my first time sewing it, the Parachute Polo

This fills my need for a good uniform pattern. The top is perfect for everyday school wear when she doesn't want the fuss of a blouse. The sweatpants will be ideal for PE as well as comfy days at home and long journeys in the car.

This top is a size 12, she needed the extra width across the chest and shoulders. I used a single jersey for the main fabric and a cotton poplin for the collar and placket. 

No need to be surprised but the instructions were superb and the top came together easily. I have just bought a new water soluble marker and it was invaluable for making this. My air soluble marker wasn't coming off some fabrics even though I tried to remove it before the steam iron got near it. For this white fabric I didn't dare to risk it.

The length is really good too and it has a slightly longer hemline at the back than the front. Although you will have to take my word for it as it is tucked in here!

We love both items and I am hoping to get stuck into some new colder weather clothes for her over the next few weeks. I have been lusting after corduroys and twills in the online shops. She needs new trousers, skirts and jumpers so I see a lot of tracing and cutting in my future!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sew Lisette B6182

More sewing for me! Another Lisette pattern but one of the newer ones this time. 

This is Lisette B6182 a top, dress and skirt pattern.

I like the style of this top very much. No fastenings so it slips on over your head and there is no extra sewing work with an opening. The front is detailed with a dart which runs across the middle of the chest. A detail which is a bit difficult to see with this patterned fabric but would look great in a solid fabric.

The sleeve cuffs are nice and deep and sit at just the right length.

I made alterations to the overall length though. Here I have added 2" extra to the body pieces. I feel that it is still too short for me. I know the style is meant to be cropped and boxy but I find that when it hits my waistband I am constantly smoothing it back down and trying to cover up my back. Plus as you can see from the photo above, when you have a larger bust, the front hemline sits away from your stomach. 

I had lots of encouragement and advice on Instagram regarding the length when I made a muslin, thanks everyone! In the end I wanted to use this fabric and couldn't lengthen it any more than I had previously. I like it very much, but wish it were a touch longer.

As you can see below, when I bend my body (here I was looking at the blueberries...) it rides up at the back.

I am glad I made this one. It fills me full of confidence for making the dress version which I think will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.