Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sew Lisette B6182

More sewing for me! Another Lisette pattern but one of the newer ones this time. 

This is Lisette B6182 a top, dress and skirt pattern.

I like the style of this top very much. No fastenings so it slips on over your head and there is no extra sewing work with an opening. The front is detailed with a dart which runs across the middle of the chest. A detail which is a bit difficult to see with this patterned fabric but would look great in a solid fabric.

The sleeve cuffs are nice and deep and sit at just the right length.

I made alterations to the overall length though. Here I have added 2" extra to the body pieces. I feel that it is still too short for me. I know the style is meant to be cropped and boxy but I find that when it hits my waistband I am constantly smoothing it back down and trying to cover up my back. Plus as you can see from the photo above, when you have a larger bust, the front hemline sits away from your stomach. 

I had lots of encouragement and advice on Instagram regarding the length when I made a muslin, thanks everyone! In the end I wanted to use this fabric and couldn't lengthen it any more than I had previously. I like it very much, but wish it were a touch longer.

As you can see below, when I bend my body (here I was looking at the blueberries...) it rides up at the back.

I am glad I made this one. It fills me full of confidence for making the dress version which I think will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.


  1. The fabric is lovely Katy.
    I find these style of tops too cropped for me, I need length or a tight singlet underneath for definition. You are looking amazing, so fit!
    I look forward to seeing your dress,what fabric choices are you considering?

    1. I'm actually thinking about a dress in needlecord - is that madness? I want a warm one to wear over the next few months. Thank you for your lovely compliment, I am trying hard, but rest assured I am still having the odd muffin or two!

  2. I think it looks great. The dress version will definitely work well for you. I have much less in the way of boobs, so I had noticed mine was trapeze-y and swingy but hadn't thought of it sitting too far out.
    Have you tried the skirt? The patterns go together really well, the skirt having quite a high waist.

    1. Thanks Shelley! I want to try the skirt. Inder totally sold me on the skirt after seeing her gorgeous version so I hope I will get around to trying it soon.

  3. Ooh, I think the dress version in cord would be great! No worries about smoothing the dress down so your back won't show ;) You've been doing some lovely sewing for yourself lately.


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