Saturday, 2 January 2016

A look back at 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! How are you all doing?

We are settled into the new year now and tomorrow sees the return to day jobs and normal routines. 

All our decorations are down (I know, I know, its early.... but I am always eager to get everything tidy again after the chaos of Christmas. The childrens bedroom is absolutely trashed and it will be sorted out on Monday when they are back at school).

I love seeing all the annual collages that come out around this time of year. Some of you are so productive throughout the year!

It was a revelation how many things I actually got completed and a bit of an embarrassment that I only managed to sew three things for my husband. I had really hoped to do more for him last year. However his Negroni shirt was among one of my best sews and we have purchased more fabric already so I aim to do better!

I should have got a few more items sewn up for myself but what I did make got worn in constant rotation. My Archer and my Portfolio being two of the best. What surprised me is that I didn't make a dress. Not one!

The girls were a lot easier to sew for, of course. Here I indulged in my Oliver and S patterns and gained confidence in sewing with knits.

I adore the Sailboat Top in stripes and the Hopscotch dress was worn until the sleeves wouldn't go on anymore. The Carousel dress wasn't worn at all yet the gingham top version was constantly picked out. And lets not skim past the fact that I made a leotard!

I don't know how much longer Boo will be in O+S patterns. I am currently making a size 10 or 12 for her and it may sadly be my last year working with those patterns for her. I wish it could be different but I don't think we will get towards the latter part of the year before she can't squeeze into them anymore. The Swingset skirt I think will go on for a while and maybe the Field Trip and School Bus Tee patterns On the plus side I have found some Simplicity and Burda patterns that she likes. Ottobre Design has some great clothes for tween sizes so there maybe a shift in style for her but that will be all part of the fun!

2015 as a landmark saw me make my first swimsuit and I enjoyed the whole project immensely. There will be a few t-shirt projects coming up and maybe 2016 will see me fill the underwear drawers with something homemade. Maybe not. I am refusing to make any resolutions or swear under oath that I will complete any tasks. Ever wanted to just have a year off and go with the flow?

If anything I just want to carry on doing what I do, but do it better. Improve on my skills. In sewing, in life, being a mother and a wife. Just get better at living.

We said goodbye to the last of our three amigos last year. Our furry trio of pussycats have all left us and we are still incredibly sad that they aren't around to brighten our lives anymore. Even if you aren't a cat lover, if you have ever owned and lost a family pet, you will know the void they leave. A father, a daughter and a sister.

We have been without a pet for a couple of months now and strangely something feels missing from our lives. A house doesn't quite feel like a home. I would expect a new addition this year, we simply cannot go on without having another thing to love and play with.

I discovered a love for other social media channels and totally embraced Instagram. If you are just interested in my sewing then I set up an account for just that (here), if you are my friend and don't follow my personal account, what is wrong with you? Just ask!!

I hope you all have a brilliant 2016. I want to keep up with all my favourite people and their sewing projects so good luck to you all!

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  1. That's an impressive amount of makes this year, Katy! I'm sad to say that my days of O+S sewing for my kids is about done. BK has sized out of them pretty much and with MG the styles are not really her. Good thing I have a bunch of great nieces and nephews to sew for!

    It's hard not having a pet when you're accustomed to having furry company. They do truly become part of the family.


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