Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fair Isle Scarf

This scarf was started back in August of last year. Hesitantly, I must add because I have never done any stranded knitting before but always admired it from afar. I was unsure as to whether I could manage it successfully, but came to the conclusion that a childs scarf was a good place to start.

The pattern comes from a UK knitting magazine (see the projects here). It was well written and I had no real issues with it at all.It was time consuming, but knit up easily.

The scarf is knit up in DK yarn and I chose these quite boyish colours for my daughter because neither of us wanted pink or purple again. Take a look in our winter knits basket and all you can see is a jumble of different pinks, purples and whites. Enough!

The scarf is made up of three worked pieces. 
The back is one continuous length and the front is two pieces joined along a center mark by use of a three needle cast off, which was a new technique to me. 

The back and front are sewn together making the scarf very very thick! 

Part of me wishes I have swopped the colours around a little. Maybe I should have swatched to see what it looked like with blue as the main colour, but my daughter is happy with it and I am too.

I wont say that every repeat looks perfect but I got better the more I knit and by the second half I was seeing a visibly neater pattern.

As much as I enjoyed making it, I couldn't bring myself to make the matching hat. She would have had that around January time at my rate of knitting!

So I used a basic bobble hat pattern with a nice deep cuff and matched up the pom pom with wool from the scarf. Just look at that lousy pompom! I lost my maker and tried to do it on my fingers. It still hasn't turned up even though I have done a post Christmas clean up. I must remember to add one to my shopping list.


  1. The Fair Isle scarf is fabulous! I've yet to venture into the realm of stranded knitting but you've given me inspiration. I like the colour combo you chose with green being the main. As for the pom pom maker, try using two pieces of cardboard cut out like a donut. That's what I use and get perfect poms every time. Hat stitches and tension look perfect. You're a good knitter!!

    1. That's how I used to make them at school! Why didn't I remember that!
      Thank you Deb, the colourwork wasn't as tricky as I thought and it was fun!

  2. That is how I make pompoms too!
    I love this Katy. so pretty.
    We got a special parcel and card in the mail today too, thank you!
    xx N

    1. Has that only just reached you! That was sent on the 8th December! I will have to make sure I post Matildas mice earlier just incase.
      Thank you!

    2. Oh my goodness, are you sure you have time?
      You excellent excellent girl.
      You must let me repay all your time and expenses, I am beyond excited, so many typos!
      xxxxxx N


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