Friday, 22 January 2016

Pyjamas for Spring

I am being massively optimistic here. I say why not start planning for Spring when we have had highs of 10 degrees C today? Real sunlight too. I am almost giddy with excitement.

I had only planned to make the pj bottoms but after spotting this blue knit on my shelf, I thought it would go perfectly, and make a really pretty set.

Upon planning these, I borrowed an idea from the Oliver + S blog, and used their Nature Walk pants pattern, changing the hem to a lettuce hem following the instructions in the blog post. I have never tried this type of hem before and it was far easier than I imagined. I did mine on my regular sewing machine rather than the serger. The thought of changing settings and removing needles had me all flustered so I left my serger alone and ran the hems through on my machine and it worked!

I took a bit of length off the pants so they would be cropped. My daughter can be quite accident prone and often comes a cropper walking down stairs in her sleepy morning state. At this length, she is less likely to get her legs/feet in a tangle.

The knit fabric is an interlock with very little stretch. Enough to bounce back after a wash and tumble dry, but she will probably get a baggy bum after wearing them for a while.

The vest is a pretty underwear style I spotted in one of my Ottobre magazines. Issue 6/2013 if you are interested.

Once again I changed the hem to a lettuce hem (hooray for not having to change to the twin needle!) and this way, it will stay in the sleepwear draw and not migrate.
The front placket has a faux button placket and pretty gathers. I may have to come down a size on the upper front pattern pieces and leave the others as they are next time. The straps are a bit roomy. (Note to self for next time)

I wouldn't mind these for me!


  1. I thought this was for you!
    It is so pretty, very professional looking.
    xx N

    1. Thanks Nicole, I would like to make something like this for me. The vest top is quick to make (as long as you don't mind fussing with knit binding!)

  2. I also thought they were for you! Such a pretty pair of PJs. Love the gathers, binding and buttons on the top.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I must put myself on the list soon but making for the girls is so much fun!

  3. Such cute pjs! I thought they were for you too at first.;) I love the style!

  4. What an adorable set. They look very professional, too.


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