Saturday, 2 April 2016

Granny's Favourite Cardigan

Pattern: Granny's Favourite by Georgie Nicolson (Tikki Knits)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quattro (colourway 1928)
Size Made: 28" chest
Started: 10 Dec 2015 Finished: 21 Feb 2016

A circular yoke will always catch my eye, and after spotting a few of these on Instagram I was curious enough to source the pattern.

The size range is quite large. It starts at 15" chest (newborn) and goes to a 30" chest (age 12). It is knit from the top down, is seamless, and has different length options for body and sleeves.

Boy do these instructions require the recommended read through! It took a couple of minutes before I clicked with the layout of the size instructions, then knowing I would keep getting lost, I grabbed a ruler and pencil and put a line through all the instructions that didn't apply to my size cardigan. This helped a lot.

I didn't concentrate hard enough on my first attempt at the zigzags and ended up ripping it out and starting again. Second time around and I got them right and this beautiful pattern emerged. The pattern runs right around the front and across the back.

I opted for long sleeves and a full length body. I had enough wool and I want it to be worn through spring and then again the other side of summer.

The zigzag is repeated on the sleeve cuff and then finished off with soft and bouncy garter stitch. I think it looks lovely.

The yarn itself knitted up beautifully and I was really pleased with it. Everytime I use Cascade yarn, I am impressed with the stitch definition and this worked the lace pattern up perfectly. The Quattro yarn has different shades in each strand and it gives a variegated finish to the work.

 This ended up being a great pattern and I am so glad I tried it. The colour will go with a lot in her wardrobe (and seeing as most of that is made by me anyway, I can coordinate!)

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