Monday, 16 May 2016

A Baby Gift

Patterns: The Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker and the Lullaby Pants by Oliver + S
Size Made: 0-3 months for the pants, the cardigan is one size (up to 10lbs)

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Herringbone Chambray and Makower Flo's Friends Koala print
Yarn: King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK

One of my best friends from school recently had a baby boy. He arrived a tad early and so I wasn't quite prepared for sewing up his presents yet! Luckily I stumbled upon this lovely cardigan pattern on Ravelry which caters for very small babies, up to around 10lbs.

I really liked the design and the feature of the buttons going off to the side so I grabbed some soft yarn and got going. It is a seamless, top down knit and comes together so easily. I was finished in around 5 days. It was a pleasure to knit and the yarn is super soft.

As you can see, I chose the short sleeved version seeing as we are in Spring over here.

I paired the cardigan with a couple of pants from the Oliver and S Lullaby Layette pattern. I haven't sewn up any of the pieces from the set before, but knew that it was the perfect pattern to have on hand for newborn gifts.

The construction of the pants is so clever and thoughtful. There is no side seam to irritate little skin and there seems to be plenty of room to accommodate nappies.

I got to use my baby boy buttons too! It always pays to have a little stock of baby themed trims - just incase!

It might be a while before he fits in the pants, he is still quite little. I have been promised a photo when he does though so am looking forward to seeing that!


  1. Such a beautiful, thoughtful gift Katy.

  2. It is an adorable set. I love the herringbone pants. I knit the Puerperium for my older boy while pregnant with him - I loved it but he was a huge baby and outgrew it within a few weeks :(

    1. Thank you Masha! It was a lovely piece to knit. There is a larger size pattern but this was perfect for him because he is so tiny.


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