Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summertime Lunchbox Tee

There is lots of summery sunshine to show you in these photos!

I haven't been able to get into my sewing room much over the holidays, we have been busy having lots of fun! This morning however, I woke up with the steely determination that today would be the day I could get something made on my machine.

After a quick browse, I decided on a Lunchbox tee for L and spotting the offcuts of this knit fabric I knew I could put the two together.

The first time I made this for L was in November 2014, post here and I made her the size 3. Here we are in August 2016 and my little dot is only falling into the measurements for a 4!

I had to add length, I probably should have added more if I am honest, this girl only grows in height. Otherwise she stays the more or less the same! The advantage is of course that these sewing patterns last longer.

I added 2" to the length of the front and back pieces. This pattern is so good for a quick sewing fix! It took me no time at all to cut out, with length alterations, and put it all together. I should have gone for an extra 3", it still shows some tummy.

The pattern is meant to be cropped but I prefer a little more coverage.

 The cuffs are a lovely feature of this tee, they finish off the arms perfectly and are quick to sew (no need for a twin needle at this stage!).

The boxy style gives good freedom of movement for playing and keeping cool in the heat. I speak from first hand experience because behind the camera, I am wearing my Bento tee (the ladies version of the Lunchbox) and it is a dream to wear.

It felt good to make something again, I have a few things planned for when the school term starts again in a few weeks but for now, we are enjoying the summer holidays. Lots of days out and lots of ice cream in the sunshine!


  1. What a happy colourful blog post! Love the t-shirt and such gorgeous pics.

    1. Thanks Shelley!
      We enjoyed our morning out, it was nice to record it here.

  2. Great photos and a cute wee top.
    I appreciate the heads up re length, my guys are tiny but long bodied too.

    1. Thanks Nicole!
      I always have to add length to everything, but this one needs double!


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