Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sweater Season

Pattern: King Cole 3951
Yarn: King Cole Cotton Soft 

This sweater took me forever to knit up! It is the first adult garment I have ever invested my knitting time into and there is a vast difference between knitting up a child sized garment and tackling an adult one. So I discovered!

I wanted a snuggly striped knit and liked the shoulder detail on this one. It is knitted flat and pieced together which is something else I wanted. I have knit a lot of garments in the round, but if I had to take this out and about with me as a whole piece, it would have been a big bag and not very convenient. It was much easier to take a sleeve wip out with me. I knitted a lot of this while on days out. It is well traveled already!

It has a drop sleeve with a button placket on one shoulder and on the bottom hem. It is a quite a heavy draping knit and I could probably have gone down a size. The bracelet length sleeves are great (no dipping into my food prep while cooking).

The only downside to working the pieces flat and creating stripes is the matching up afterwards. I did my best!

After this epic knit, I wanted to try a simpler pattern (and for speed, because Boo was still left without a warm layer for our holiday). So I cast on another Flax Sweater. The version I knit for L was so useful and such an easy thing to knit that I knew I could do it. I started shortly before our hols and finished it while I was up there. These photos are literally fresh off the needles!

This wool was cheap and nasty stuff (one of those big balls of aran from Aldi incase you are wondering) but it has made such a lovely sweater I will forgive it. We all love the little multi-coloured sprinkles all over it.

This is only my second Flax but It went so much quicker this time around. I did leave off the garter stitches along the sleeves because I was in a hurry. Either way, with or without the stitch detail, this pattern is a keeper. You can do so much with it.

Collecting agate with daddy


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