Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Grainline Archer in White

Pattern: Grainline Studio 'Archer'
Fabric: White spotted French Cotton Pique from Higgs & Higgs
Size made: 14

With summer approaching I felt the need for a casual white shirt. So with fabric intended for a dress (which I bottled out of making because I suddenly realized I would probably never wear a white dress), I grabbed my tried and tested Archer pattern.

This fabric has a subtle sprinkling of pink dots over it and is very very soft. I think it will soften with repeated washing, making it one of those items I will choose over everything else. It smartens up a pair of jeans without making me feel as if I am trying too hard.

This is my third Archer and so I confidently sailed through the construction with no real issues. There is a great sew-a-long on the Grainline blog if you need it. It gives some clarity to attaching the collar if you can't get your head around it.

The one area of my other shirts that always start to wear after a while is the sleeve placket. So where I made the slit for the placket I reinforced it with a small strip of interfacing before stitching and cutting. Hopefully this will make it a bit stronger.

I chose plain white buttons over any of the other possiblites. I played around with some pink and red buttons but really I wanted to keep it nice and simple.

This view has the box pleat at the back, which I really love. 

I do always tend to wear my shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Everything stays cleaner that way! I like how roomy the sleeve is once it is rolled back, not tight and constricting around my elbow. You do miss out on seeing those lovely pleats around the cuff though. (I forgot a photo - sorry!)