Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Badminton Nightie

Pattern: Oliver and S Badminton Dress
Size Made: 7
Fabric: Oh so soft flannel

I haven't sewn much recently, a few things here and there but I wanted to get stuck into a new project. Far from losing my sewing mojo, I have actually used up most of my fabric stash. Really! So I feel quite limited at the moment. I want to make, but can't.

One or two large pieces remain and upon assessment of my rather small tub of various types of fabric, I pulled out this polkadot flannel. 

We don't seem to have had much of a summer this year. 
It has been rainy and about 18 degrees most of the time so a flannel nightgown didn't seem so ridiculous.
I have used this Badminton pattern as nightwear before and my eldest loved it. I made the whole set in one go, top, dress, shorts and skort! (see here)

Now this girl is all about the ruffles. The more the merrier.
My eldest made me leave them off last time, but heck no, they were excitedly requested by this little girl!

As far as the size is concerned, I could have made her a six. 
It would have fit her fine, but then it wouldn't have fit her come Christmas time. So size 7 it was.

We are both so happy with this. 
I got to use up some more fabric (which obviously needs replacing at some point) and she got a brand new, not handed down, nightie.


  1. It's lovely! Little sisters need new things too! and What a great idea to make it in flannel as a nightie! I've only made the top once, and found it very fiddle, but I was very new at sewing then.

    1. It will never be my favourite pattern to sew, but it is worth all the fiddly gathering!

  2. What a beautiful nightie, like Masha, I have only made this once but must do again.
    xx N

  3. I hear you on the not handed down. Tilly- 'You can see all the pattern' referring to her pjs.

    1. Thank you Nicole and Tilly! The pretty nightie makes her look like a princess (apparently!)

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