Wednesday, 8 May 2019

O + S Garden Party Dress for Spring

Pattern: Garden Party Dress from Oliver and S
Size made: 7
Fabric: Cotton Poplin kindly given to me by a friend

Last years dress was getting a bit too short. I have only made this pattern twice and both times were for L's birthday dress. Also both versions have been blue and white. What can I say, she knows what she likes!

Originally she wanted another floral print but it was an off-cut and I wasn't going to fit the length of the skirt on the piece that I had. We were both happy to go with the blue sunflowers in the end.

It may have been a year, but I used the same size. The bottom half of this dress is roomy and while she has shot up in height, her chest and waist have barely changed. I didn't want it to be slipping off her shoulders, and her measurements were bang on the O+S chart. If she has a growth spurt then I suppose I will just make her another one in the next size. It is a dress she loves so nothing is lost there!

The last dress must have shrunk a bit because when I compared the pattern piece to it, the length was about 3" off. As a result I didn't add any length to this one and it has worked out fine.

The perfect button! One alteration I was going to make was to change the thread chain to a loop. I find that after a few washes the chain can become twisted. But I used an embroidery thread instead to create the chain because I wanted to see how that stood the test of time (last time I had used regular sewing thread). I will be keeping an eye on this one to see if it lasts any longer.

L and I both agreed that this mini pom pom trim was going to look beautiful and I am happy to report that it really does! It took a bit of time to sew on because the seam allowance was quite narrow on the trim and I had to take care not to miss it when sewing it on. I basted it on first and then went back over it to secure it down. I used white thread and a zipper foot to get a close topstitching line.

She is very pleased with this dress and I couldn't be happier that I got to use this pattern again, it is a beauty!



  1. I LOVE this dress, so summery and pretty. The bobbles are the perfect touch.
    I hear you on the thread chains, I gave upland make bias loops as my chains always break.

    1. Tbh I should have gone for a loop, I prefer the overall look.

  2. It's so pretty. I haven't made my girls a "proper" dress from a pattern in years now ... I need to get back to it.

  3. I love this. So pretty!! The bobbles are adorable!