Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Home & Away: Lesley Sweater

Pattern: The Lesley Sweater by Hannah Fettig of Knitbot
(find pattern on Ravelry here)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Shade 8011 (Aspen Heather)

I finished this sweater a few weeks ago, just in time for all the sunshine!
 As you can see the sun hampered our efforts to take a decent photo, between sunspots and me squinting, we got there eventually. 

You can choose between knitting this sweater in one piece seamlessly or knit it as a pieced work. 
The fact that you could choose either method was one of the main reasons for me buying this pattern book. It is a beautiful collection of patterns, and the photography is gorgeous. I have the PDF version, but if you can splash out on the actual book, do it!

I cannot describe how warm this sweater is. The wool I used is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool and is incredibly soft. It knitted up beautifully and after washing, it has settled evenly and the stitches look good.

The collection of patterns in this book are all tempting to knit, but I wanted a really good basic sweater, in a neutral colour. I almost chose the Flax by Tin Can Knits because I have made that before successfully. I am glad I tried something different though. Both patterns are similar in style and simple to knit. 

I like to knit all the parts separately, I keep my project bag in the car for snatching knitting time between work and school pick up. Well, normally. Of course there hasn't been that commute recently. Nevertheless, this was a lovely pattern to follow and it is just the fit I wanted. The sleeves are slim and go underneath a coat nicely. The length is a good length for jeans and the neckline is a good shape.

I will try the seamless method with my next one. I would like to know which I prefer.

For now this will be packed away for Autumn/Winter time. 
I haven't decided on my next knitting project yet. I like to tackle something a bit smaller after a big adult knit so I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading!