Saturday, 26 May 2012

Snappy Toddler Top

It all started with this dress from Boden. I loved the neckline and the topstitching. Then I remembered seeing a similar dress on flickr and went searching for a tutorial. The tutorial I used was from Prudent Baby: Snappy Toddler Top.

I wanted to put the topstitch detail on the neckline, which seemed easy enough, and I didn't have any snaps so decided to go with buttons instead. I had some lovely mother of pearl buttons in a star shape and thought they would echo the flowers of my fabric. The fabric is Verna by Kate Spain for Moda.

I made a slight alteration when piecing together the collar, and that was to use interfacing to give it some substance. I just cut it 1.5cm shorter all the way around than the pattern piece and sandwiched it in. I like how it helps the shape of the finished garment.

I cut out the pattern as it is sized at 12-18m thinking that it could be a top for my 13 month old. I made a rough estimate of length and followed everything through. It is a really easy pattern and a delight to sew up as it takes no time at all. (I had interruptions, a lot, so didn't manage to do it all in one sitting, but you could easily have this done in under 2 hours if you have the luxury of a quiet house).


I added a secret ribbon trim to the inside hem which adds a splash of colour.
There are green coloured dots on there which match the top, but really I had been looking to use this ribbon up for ages!

You may notice, this is not a 13 month old child. The pattern sizing made up quite a roomy top for a 12-18 month old and seeing as I had made it shorter (for a top not a dress) then I happily got away with using it as a top for my 3 year old. She was very happy about the trade, and seeing as it has been ridiculously hot today I was very happy about letting her wear it.

I will however have to review the sizing for the next time I make it. And that will be soon. And in dress length. As well as another top. Or two, or three.....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crayon Rolls

We have got a couple of birthday parties coming up and I have seen crayon rolls on the web. I thought I would see how easy they are to make. I love the idea of having a portable case which I wouldn't be ashamed of pulling out of my bag. They look a bit more stylish than what is lurking in my bag which is a clear plastic food bag! Eeek! So here is how I got on....

After a bit of web searching for tutorials and some slight tweaking, I came up with a method that suited me.

I wanted to fit approximately 15 crayons into each one and have an elastic & button fastening.

The first one I made was for little boy from nursery for his 3rd birthday. 

The fabric is from Fabric Shoppe on Etsy. Jody stocks some fantastic fabrics. These two prints are from Robert Kaufman and were part of a Christmas fat quarter bundle.

After I made that one I just had to make one for myself (naturally) and spent the evening sorting out fabrics and cutting everything out. I find that it is far easier to do the cutting out the evening before I start a project. There are no children to distract me and I make less mistakes!

Once I had paired everything up (two strips of main fabric and one of contrast) I grouped everything together with some wadding and pressed everything ready.
I made one for my daughter and made the rest for my Etsy shop.

I even tried one with piping, which I really like the look of. 
Piping makes everything look better doesn't it?!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Finished Sailboat Top and Skirt

I got around to making a Sailboat top and skirt this week. I finished off the waistband of the skirt this morning after doing all I could last night before testing the fit on Isabella after breakfast. I have learnt my lesson with not checking the fit on things for her, she seems to grow overnight.

I used some Makower fabric for the top and sewed it up in a size 4T. 

In hindsight I should have added some length on to it as it rises up too easily. The next one I make will be in a 5T because she also needs a bit more growing room.

I haven't decided on buttons yet so skipped that step. I saw some lovely heart shaped buttons when we visited Amerton Farm on Saturday and really wish I had picked them up. They were made from coconut (husk?) and were unfinished. Really pretty. Damn!

Next up was the Sailboat Skirt and I used some stretch denim that I had left over. I have made a couple of pairs of trousers from it in the past and know how soft it gets after each wash and how hard wearing it is. Perfect. A pretty yet tough skirt for my rough and tumble girl.

I added two different colours of buttons to the front. Top row blue and bottom row purple. It was so difficult to get the colours to show up in the photos.

I love the kick pleat in the back.

While I was on a skirt theme, I sewed up a Sassy Skirt from sewsweetpatterns. I didn't mean to add a border onto the bottom but the length was heart stoppingly short for Bella so added some on with a contrasting Amy Butler print. 

Not my favourite combination, but pretty enough. I am bookmarking the design for future school skirts. Better stock up on some grey wool!

Topstitched french seams on the inside.