Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Finished Sailboat Top and Skirt

I got around to making a Sailboat top and skirt this week. I finished off the waistband of the skirt this morning after doing all I could last night before testing the fit on Isabella after breakfast. I have learnt my lesson with not checking the fit on things for her, she seems to grow overnight.

I used some Makower fabric for the top and sewed it up in a size 4T. 

In hindsight I should have added some length on to it as it rises up too easily. The next one I make will be in a 5T because she also needs a bit more growing room.

I haven't decided on buttons yet so skipped that step. I saw some lovely heart shaped buttons when we visited Amerton Farm on Saturday and really wish I had picked them up. They were made from coconut (husk?) and were unfinished. Really pretty. Damn!

Next up was the Sailboat Skirt and I used some stretch denim that I had left over. I have made a couple of pairs of trousers from it in the past and know how soft it gets after each wash and how hard wearing it is. Perfect. A pretty yet tough skirt for my rough and tumble girl.

I added two different colours of buttons to the front. Top row blue and bottom row purple. It was so difficult to get the colours to show up in the photos.

I love the kick pleat in the back.

While I was on a skirt theme, I sewed up a Sassy Skirt from sewsweetpatterns. I didn't mean to add a border onto the bottom but the length was heart stoppingly short for Bella so added some on with a contrasting Amy Butler print. 

Not my favourite combination, but pretty enough. I am bookmarking the design for future school skirts. Better stock up on some grey wool!

Topstitched french seams on the inside. 

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