Saturday, 7 July 2012

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

This is Boo's favourite new dress. I have made her the blouse version of this pattern (see here) and it really suited her. The pattern is the Family Reunion Dress from oliver + s.

I haven't yet attached the buttons to the front tab, mainly because I didn't buy enough. I bought 8 and annoyingly lost one to the knot hole in our floorboards. (We have original solid oak floorboards that are fast becoming a bit gappy. Sad to say I am considering carpets. A shame to cover them up, but when you have little knees crawling over them and curious little fingers poking around down there it is a serious consideration.)

I used the sewing machine to attach the buttons for the first time. It has always been a function I shied away from and now I have done it, I feel a bit silly for being so apprehensive. It is SO much quicker than sewing them on by hand!

I always have to size up when making Boo's clothes because she is tall and here I have made the size 6. I'm glad to discover that the dress is a great fit. It is roomy enough to allow for growing room but doesn't look too big at the moment.

Also, it's quite good for running around the garden barefoot in too!.....

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