Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oliver + S Puppet Show Outfit

I feel bad that all my sewing has been for my eldest daughter and so while I was fabric shopping I made a selection for little Bug who bless her, always gets the hand me downs and never gets anything new.

I chose the bright teal colour to match her eyes which are quite a vivid blue. She always looks great in anything aqua!

I actually finished these a couple of weeks ago but never got around to blogging about them.

Out of all the Oliver + S patterns I have made I can honestly say, this one, especially the top, is my absolute favourite thing to make. And that surprises me! It looks complicated, it looks like I shouldn't be able to construct that cute little peter pan collar and get all the darts nicely sewn in. But I can! And I get so absorbed into the task while I'm doing it.

 That is the beauty of the way the patterns are designed and written. They are a masterclass of sewing in each one. And before making this pattern I had never made plackets or darts and certainly had not attached a collar. 

Now, I still consider myself a beginner dressmaker and so to find that I can make up clothes that look this lovely is such a buzz.

This is only the second time I have made this top and the shorts. The first was a dry run in some scrap fabric. I didn't do anything different this time but felt relieved that I had done a practise one first. Nothing worse than the feeling of cutting into new fabric only to find you have done it wrong! 

The shorts were made of some linen which I bought a large amount of and have seen me through a pair of Sailboat trousers, a 2+2 skirt and now a pair of Puppet show shorts. I do love the look of this colour in linen. The only issue I have with it, is that it is tricky to tell the right and wrong sides apart. And it is a bit slippery to handle, I think it is a mix fabric.

I added some running stitch detail onto the pocket binding. I did have some of the blue fabric left over and have seen examples of contrasting fabric on the binding, but didn't want to tie the shorts down to only being worn with this top. There are some lovely examples of running stitch floating around flickr and pinterest, for example here, here & incase you need a tutorial here.

I really enjoyed the hand sewing. The method requires a stitch of about twice the length of the gap in between. I measured out and marked on the stitches with fabric pen before stitching over the marks. I'm lucky that I had some embroidery threads in my sewing box that I picked up for 20p in a charity shop some time ago. I don't even know why I bought them but am now glad I did! I used 3 strands for each row which I judged to be the right thickness.

I was undecided about whether I should put the stitching on the leg cuffs as well. I thought it might be too much but couldn't make my mind up. I popped the photos onto flickr and asked the oliver + s group what they thought. (they are the experts after all!)
All the responses I got back were positive on how they were now so I was happy to leave them.

I chose some Christmas fabric to line the top. The colour of the mug and the mittens jumped out at me when I was comparing to the main fabric and besides, you have to put something fun in there when it is for one of your kiddies right?

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