Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Clever Charlotte Finch Top

Once I had made the Finch shorts I knew I was going to have a bee in my bonnet until I had made the top to go with them.

So with a guilty sideways glance at the school skirts and Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket I am supposed be doing next, I started work on the top.

Looking through the instructions, it all seemed so simple to put together. Great! I chose not to make the bow, instead I wanted a button closure. I actually made a button hole for it instead of attaching velcro and doing a button for decoration only. I could see that velcro coming open during wear.

I used a Japanese cotton for the main fabric and a plain navy cotton for the lining. This is the size 6 made up. The length is perfect, normally I have to add length but didn't alter this at all.
Hubby and I had discussions about this top before I made it. He was unsure about the depth of the curves at the back and I said I would rework them a bit. In the end however I decided not to. It is such a pretty shape and I didn't want to ruin it. Instead I can always pop a vest top underneath if he objects!

The two pieces look so good together and I would be happy to send her out to play in this knowing that she is comfy and the shorts protect her modesty when she is climbing at the park!


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