Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heidi & Finn Girly Blouse

This is my muslin for the Heidi & Finn Girly Blouse. I have done a trial because I wasn't sure on the sizing. My daughter is 15 months and quite long so I made up the size 2T to see how the length would work out. I wanted it long enough to cover her nappy bottom and thought it would look very cute worn with a pair of leggings.

I'm not really comfortable with dressing babies in black so it looks a bit strange on her to me. However a plain fabric is not distracting so I can assess the fit a bit clearer.

I'm glad I made the size 2T. It is roomy around the body and nice and long. A perfect length and just what I had in mind. I didn't make any alterations on this apart from shortening the slit at the back. On first looking at the pattern my reaction was that I didn't like how big that gap was at the back but things like that are easily altered and so I shortened it from its original 4.5" to 2.5" and I like the look better.

I am a bit worried about the bow coming undone as she crawls about and might tack a few stitches onto the next one I make up seeing as I dont need to undo the bow to get it on and off. The neckline is nice and wide as it is.

I had to pop the flash on here as she wanted to be released from the photo shoot and I had to be quick. She is very fast when she gets going!

I wasn't too sure about this pattern at first but I am in love with it after making it up. There are a few versions in the Heidi & Finn flickr group and that helped make up my mind to buy it. I'm very glad I did and will be making up another in a light girly print soon. It only took an afternoon to make up so it is a speedy project.

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