Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

This has been on my list for a while now. I bought the pattern last month inspired by all the wonderful versions in the flickr group. It will probably be the last summer dress I make this year. As I write this I cast a suspicious eye up towards the darkened raincloud sky and think that our warm weather might be over almost as soon as it has arrived.

So this dress won't get much wear this summer unless I layer, which I ended up doing today.

I couldn't decide which version to make at first. I adore the one I ended up doing (view a) but also really like the idea of colour blocking with view b. I'll save that for my next one. This version on flickr is gorgeous and I must make one for Boo's wardrobe for the winter. I actually think I have a corduroy fetish because in my head I see a version of everything made in it and always have a few things on my list to be made up.

I chose a plain red cotton and a white cotton with strawberry print. Now, I have a confession to make. My intention was to put the strawberries on the centre panel pieces and have the red as the top and bottom border pieces. I wasn't concentrating when I cut them out and only realised once I had cut out the bottom hems. I just went along with cutting out the pieces as my tired brain wanted and so the dress ended up the reverse of what I wanted. But I quite like it, so all is not lost.

I did have a bit of trouble with attaching the back yokes but thank goodness for the oliver + s forums and fellow sewers where I got some advice. Thank you!!

I had to hand sew them closed to ensure the seam was nice and tight. My stitching is still a bit scrappy and not how I would usually leave a seam but I feel like after another attempt will make a better job of it.

The following day was dry(ish) and so I took the girls to the farm where I could take some snaps of the dress. 

This beautiful horse has so much patience with all the children that wanted to pat it. 


And this good looker is one of two little piggies called Pepper & Georgie. Peppa Pig is a big hit in our house so these names went down well with Boo!


I didn't go any closer than this to take a photo of the HUGE pig behind the wall but it is a Saddleback. Very big and smelly!


Beetle the cow (a bit licky)

This sign amuses me every time I see it....


The farm bakery is absolutely fantastic. I swopped some pocket change for a gingerbread man and a caramel shortbread (our favourites).

Oh and did I mention there is a fabric shop?!

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  1. I think the dress is very cute, cutting mistake or not!
    Love the sign - and seriously??? Animals, coffee & cake AND fabric? Perfect!


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