Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Simplicity Skirt 2226

A bit of sewing for myself at last! I have had this pattern for months and not done anything with it. After looking through my flickr favorites I remembered about this one and it spurred me on to give it a go.

I followed the sew along by Anna at noodlehead and barely even glanced at the directions given on the pattern. I much prefer taking the word of somebody who has made the pattern up!

I would make this up again in a size smaller as it feels a bit too poofey. The waistband is fine but I could get away with the next size down. Actually the measurements given on the patten bear no relation to the size you need to make. I measured the largest size for waist but made the next size down and it is still too big. So I would suggest doing a mock up of the waistband to test it first.

I do love skirts with pockets in and this one is definitely a repeat make. Watch this space!

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