Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kids Clothes Week 2012

It is that time again and instead of watching from the sidelines, I am actually joining in this time!

I have put the button on my main blog page so you can link through and find out what it is all about. 

There are a great many things I need to sew for the girls. Some old patterns like the Family Reunion dress are coming out again for a winter revamp. I am thinking about making one in soft babywale cord and one in a light denim to keep my dress loving girl happy in the colder weather.

I have one or two patterns that I have bought and not tried yet like these Skinny Jeans from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. I want to make some colourful ones to brighten things up a bit. Since she has started school I don't see her in anything other than blue and grey. I also want to make a pink hula hoop skirt for Boo to wear in her ballet class, or a circle skirt for extra twirlability. Figgy's released this free download that I have saved.

I am sure this is only a fraction of my final list. Once I have thought about it a bit more I will share my intentions!


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