Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ottobre Dress: Hollywood Cerise

I recently found a lovely brushed check cotton in my local fabric shop and wanted to make Boo a warm dress. It is the type of material you would use for a lumberjack shirt, really soft but super thick. It is a dark navy plaid.
In my recently ordered Ottobre Design 3/2012 there was a dress/tunic pattern that was quite similar to the Oliver + S Ice Cream dress so I was intrigued enough to want to give it a go to compare. It is the Hollywood Cerise Pattern and I kept it long for the dress version.

The only drawback to the design I chose was the thickness of the fabric and the gathering at the yokes. It didn't gather smoothly and I fiddled with the folds a lot until I was happy with how they lay. Lesson learnt.

Unlike the Ice Cream dress, this one has back plackets and button fastenings.

The pockets are so deep! Although you can't see it, there is a little Disney princess in there. I am sure we will find many more in the washing machine from now on.

I followed the pattern faithfully until I reached the last set of instructions on how to finish the back plackets and neckline. The plackets were meant to be simply folded inwards and sewn down but I prefer the finish on the plackets of the Oliver + S Puppet Show pattern so I changed it to that method. I folded the plackets to the right side, sewed them down horizontally and then refolded the plackets back to the inside, thus creating a nice inverted corner. Much better. 

Also, the instructions for the neck facing went totally over my head. There is a pattern piece for an interfaced facing but it seemed totally the wrong curvature to fit the neckline. While I got the general gist of what I was supposed to do, it seemed impossible given the shape and length of the pattern piece. I pondered over whether to draft a new shape myself but decided that seeing as my fabric was quite heavy anyway, I wouldn't need the interfacing. So I bias bound the neckline as I had the armholes.

I envision this layered with leggings and a long sleeved tshirt. Today being quite chilly we went with skinny jeans and a cardigan. 

The temperature has dropped already and we have bled all the radiators in the house today. Sigh, summer has gone. On the plus side, with the cold nights comes clear skies and hubby and I were lucky enough to spot a meteorite flying over the house last night. It was really bright orange and was quite amazing to see. We saw it from the lounge window and both went hurtling out of the house to see it. It was pitch black outside and I managed to put my hand on a slug which was on top of the gate post. Shamefully I squealed like a big girl. Imagine my horror when faced with a barefoot walk back to the house. 

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