Friday, 12 October 2012

KCWC Days 3 & 4

I had intended to do a completely different pattern for my next KCWC but ended up tackling a different and equally new pattern. The Music Box Jumper from Oliver + S. The change came about on Wednesday morning when I dressed my daughter for school. The Sunday Brunch skirts I made for her way back in the last week of August are looking a little on the short side. Incredible given that I a) added length taking it from the 6T to the 8T length, and b) took as little hem allowance as possible off the bottom by doing a hidden bias tape hem.

We had already had a disaster with one of the 2+2 skirts and so her school wardrobe was looking a little thin.

I decided to order the Music Box and Music Class patterns from Oliver + S to make her some more school clothes plus the Little Lisette 2063 pattern after I saw this one in the flickr pool.

My little girl couldn't have been more excited about the idea of a dress for school. She would wear a dress everyday if she had her way.

I love the deep box pleats on the skirt, they look luxurious. After having made three 2+2 skirts in as many months, I felt right at home marking out the lines and dots for the folds and breezed through them. I remember how overwhelming all those pattern marks felt the first time. Funny how you get used to things after a while. 

The fabric I used was a heavier cotton than I used on previous school wear. It drapes beautifully,  not much of a sheen to the right side but I was ok with that.

This is a one scissor rating pattern so should have been trouble free but frustratingly I did manage to mess up the skirt a little. My own fault and through doing so it only displays how amazingly written Liesl's patterns truly are. 

The fabric estimates given on the pattern sleeve are for 44" wide fabric. Mine was 60" and I only had 1 meter of it rather than the 2 yards advised. I JUST managed to squeeze the pattern pieces on but the skirt pieces were so so close to the edge that I had to include the selvage on one side.

So when I came to attach the skirt front and backs together I had to take a 5/8 seam allowance on one seam rather than 1/2". It never occurred to me when I was doing it that the total length of the skirt would now be different from the yokes, which I had already constructed. So I kicked myself when sewing it all together because one back edge was out by 1/4". 

I couldn't bring myself to unpick it all. Instead I chose to put the buttons on that edge so that it would be overlapped by the other one with the button holes on. Thus hidden from view. I will make a mental note next time NOT to mess about with the seam allowances. They are all worked out to the millimeter. Amazing precision.

(a little Amy Butler to line the yoke)

Anyway, she has gone off to school in it today and is so happy. Mummy is also happy that there isn't too much leg on show in this. The Sunday Brunch pattern is one of my favourites and I have made several, but I think for school I will try something less straight so I wont worry about her sitting down and having the hem shoot up her leg.

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