Monday, 15 October 2012

KCWC Days 6 & 7: After School Pants

I literally woke up on Saturday morning thinking about doing a pair of After School Pants in this fabric. It must have been in my subconcious! I had this fabric earmarked for a pair of trousers for my youngest and a dress for my eldest, but I felt such an urge to make these.

I considered the back pockets and felt that in a heavily patterned fabric the flat pockets would be lost but without pockets the pants would be missing something. Cue the Jump Rope pockets. They may get a bit lost but the gathers give it some volume and the shape is so cute for little bottoms!

These are the size 6T with no other mods apart from the pockets. The corduroy is lightweight and won't be warm enough for hardcore winter but then, I expect she will need the next size up come December anyway.

It is a shame she doesn't have a blue tshirt, I will go on the hunt for something in royal blue because it will look just right with these.

The fabric doesn't photograph well if there is the slightest movement. Seeing as Daddy came home as I was outside taking photos, all I got was blurred flowers after a few shots!

I'll leave you with one final view of those pretty pockets....

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