Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My First Tova

First of all let me say that I am slightly embarrassed by how long I have had this pattern and not done anything with it. It must be over 12 months now. I bought the downloadable version and it has sat quietly on my laptop, until now.

I made a muslin first to test the fit and all seemed good. I made up the XL size as it measured up right in the bust. The sides may need tweaking a little on my next one. It would be nice not to have so much fabric around my middle, it feels quite full. I would either need to take a larger seam allowance to just bring it in a bit (if I was using the same fabric weight again) or use a lighter fabric so it drapes better. I used a quilting weight cotton in bottle green for this one.

I wore this all day once it came off the machine. First to a children's party in the morning and all the way through to drinks with my family in the evening. It is such an easy top to wear!

The front opening does flap open quite a way so I would always wear a tank/vest underneath but that is my usual style anyway. I chose to give some structure to the plackets with lightweight interfacing. In hindsight I would only need to do that again on a lighter fabric. Quilting weight stands up quite well on its own. The plackets have softened in the wash so I like it even more. 

The sleeve length I adore, especially with the cuff which always hovers over my arm without actually touching it. I have this weird dislike of sleeves that gather around my elbow. I don't like the feeling. Even when I push my sleeves up to work better I have to pull them straight down again because I realise it is uncomfortable. Like I say, weird.

I am not going to let much time go by before I make another one of these. I would like to try the dress version as it might make winter a bit more glam. All in all a really good pattern to follow and a very useful top to have in your wardrobe!


  1. It looks great on you Katy. I think the fit is good - I love this pattern, but have always steered clear of it due to the big bust factor - but maybe I should rethink!

    1. Thank you! The bust measurements on the XL are 39"-40" and that is the largest size. I probably would have got away with the next one down but I don't like things too tight across my bust. It fits well and has a bit of roominess so it is nice and comfy. My mum has been visiting this week and she is disappointed that the measurements don't go to the next size. She wanted me to make one for her!


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