Friday, 18 January 2013

First sewing of the New Year

Technically this is the first bit of 2013 sewing I did, I just couldn't find any buttons to finish it off so moved on to other things. Now it is all finished and with Boo sent home early from school due to snowy weather, I get a chance to photograph her wearing it in daylight.

This is the third After School Top I have made and it is a favourite pattern of mine. My daughter loves the buttons on the front and will always choose her pink one if she gets the chance.

I really wanted to make an outfit to co-ordinate her wardrobe a bit. There will be a lot of things that both pieces go with. One of my pledges this year is to have a selection of clothes that all work together.

After making my first Hopscotch skirt for a present I wanted to make a few for Boo. She actually fits in the size 5T for a start. Normally I have to make the 6T in O+S so I was thrilled to find that this pattern is going to last a bit longer for her.

The top is a size 6T with 2" added length. It is made from a floral polycotton that I picked up locally. 

I used a twill fabric for the skirt. Because of the bulkiness of the fabric I had some trouble with getting the plackets to sit nicely. It was just a bit too thick. My other one of these skirts was with stretch denim and so next time I will give myself a break and make it out of quilting weight cotton.

Incidentally, because I struggled with the thickness of the fabric I chose not to do the buttonholes on the plackets. I simply sewed the buttons on through both panels. I don't think I would undo them very often anyway so it seemed safer to eliminate that stage.

I love the simplicity of the pattern and the pockets just make it something a bit special. I could see myself wearing this in the summer. Which turns my mind to the Beignet Skirt by Colette Patterns. One for mummy as well perhaps?!


  1. Love the outfit! And great idea to make them coordinate with multiple things, I should try that sometime;)

    1. No saying I will manage it, but here's hoping!

  2. Such a pretty colour. Your pockets are perfect - I had dreadful trouble with mine.
    The beignet skirt is on my to do list -!

    1. I don't know if it makes a difference but many years ago I ran a very quiet Sunday shift and my co-worker and I taught ourselves origami from a book to pass the time. The principles are the same - super sharp creases everytime!


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